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We are Adello

Adello has been the leading mobile marketing company since 2008, but started out small like everyone. The support we received in difficult times was what made us successful as an SME.

COVID-19 poses a challenge for all industries, especially SMEs.
We believe in jointly facing the challenges. We are committed to helping fellow Swiss SMEs get back on their feet, to keep our economy going. We can help with Digital Services.

Digital Services

E-shops are great for getting in touch with customers and generating sales especially during this time. But did you know that three quarters of all e-shops suffer from basic mistakes like broken links? We provide free of charge e-shop assessment and improvement recommendations from our experts. To sign up for your free check please fill out this form.

E-shop development

Each business is unique. We know how tough it could be to convey this uniqueness via pre-built templates. Moreover, even the simplest tools, like WordPress, WooCommerce or mycommerce, quickly get tricky with all the details. 

Our team can help create unique go-digital strategy, build a winning concept and develop your website or e-shop from a scratch.

COVID-19 Safety Tracker

Our sister company GeoCTRL developed a free mobile application to track potential COVID-19 exposure. Keep yourself and everyone around you healthy. The application will notify you if someone has COVID-19 symptoms. 

Stay safe!

Reach New Customers

Build an appealing e-shop is only the first step to success, second - is to attract online visitors. We have led the mobile marketing industry in Switzerland since 2008. So we give back by charging ZERO fee. 

You want DOOH, Facebook or Instagram? We can also do that for you.

PS: The sensor is smaller than your smartphone​


In-Store Compliance

Even after the lockdown, physical stores will need to adhere to visitor limits (e.g. max 5, 20, 50 visitors).

To help you stay compliant with the requirements we offer GeoCTRL sensors at a discount. It tracks number of visitors in real-time. If used together with the free app, you can monitor the health of all people at your location.



Mark Forster

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Serial entrepreneur,

Angel Investor,

VentureKick jury member

Anna Pak

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Marketing Manager @GeoCTRL

Co-founder @Elaisa,

Former PwC PM

Nele Dageförde

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COO @Adello,

Former CEO in E-Commerce,

Former Siemens PM

Sandor Laczko

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Country manager @Adello,

 Pioneer in mobile,



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